Quinliven Creek flows through out property and it's a joy to see it full from all the rains.

Sunny, our rescue golden retriever who came all the way from Taiwan, doesn't mind wearing a raincoat when it is raining hard.

For today, the sun has come out with an occasional shower. We even had an earthquake early this morning! It's never dull on the Mendonoma Coast.

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Many beautiful photos have been taken at Hearn Gulch, the beautiful pocket beach just north of Iversen Road in Mendocino County. On a stormy day, Paul Brewer photographed the coastline to the south.

Hearn Gulch is a beautiful spot and it's easy to walk out to the bluff and take in this beauty. Getting down to the beach is steep and often wet this time of year. There is a rope to help.

We are having a BIG storm today. Rain is just sheeting down. I hope everyone will be safe during this "river of rain" event.

Thanks to Paul for allowing me to share his photo with you here. To see much more of Paul's nature photography, here is the link to his website: http://www.capturingnatureswonders.com/

So, if it's pretty exciting to find a Buck's antler, how exciting is it to find a pair? That's just what happened to Dede Plaisted.

That's pretty rare! Look for discarded antlers now, especially where deer bed down.

Today we are receiving a drenching, and tomorrow looks to be a washout. Stay safe as many roads are flooded.

Thanks to Dede for allowing me to share her photo with  you here.

...sailors take warning. Tony Lucero captured such a sight during a recent sunrise.

Storms continue to arrive, bringing lots of rain to the Mendonoma coast. Rain is in the forecast through Wednesday, but then...but then...dry, sunny weather is ahead!

Thanks to Tony for allowing me to share his photo with you here.

Ron LeValley photographed one of my favorite wildflowers, Baby Blue Eyes. It's okay to play favorites, isn't it? Ron says the warm weather between storms has coaxed a few early bloomers.

In March, you might come along a meadow filled with these beauties, as Ron did in a previous year.

Thanks to Ron for allowing me to share his photos with you here. To see much more of Ron's nature photography, here is the link to his website: http://www.levalleyphoto.com/home/