Rozann Grunig photographed this Great Blue Heron soaring over rocks at The Sea Ranch.

Great Blue Heron soars by Rozann GrunigYou can see this big bird's reflection on the rocks below. Great Blue Herons are year round residents of the Mendonoma coast.

Thanks to Rozann for allowing me to share her photo with you here. To see more of Rozann's nature photography, here is her website:

Acmon Blue butterflies, Plebejus acmon, have a delicate beauty. They are quite tiny, just .8 to 1 inch wingspan. Perhaps many of us pass by without noticing them, but not Mark Ricci.

Acmon Blue butterfly, Plebejus acmon, by Mark Ricci Acmon Blue butterfly nectaring by Mark Ricci Acmon Blue butterfly by Mark RicciThis butterfly is found mostly in California, but can be seen north to Oregon and south to Baja.

Thanks to Mark for allowing me to share his photos with you here.

Hal Fogel had this big Buck visit his property recently. What a healthy-looking Buck!

Buck by Hal FogelJim O'Brien was also visited by one. This one's rack appears to still be in velvet, the membrane that nourished the bone underneath.

Big Buck by Jim O'BrienAnd, finally, Paul Batchelder watched this Buck use his antlers to pull away the fencing designed to keep him out!

What fence, a Buck prevails by Paul BatchelderMales moving into our area means the rut, the mating of the Black-tailed Deer, will begin soon. It usually occurs in October, so we'll be watching to see if the rut is early this year. There are signs we could have an early winter, such as acorns already on the ground. To be determined!

Thanks to Hal, Jim, and Paul for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Craig Tooley caught this little treefrog looking up, as if looking at the stars.

A Sierran Tree frog by Craig TooleyI love these little frogs, which are also call Chorus frogs. For such a tiny frog, they have a big voice. Here are two photos Craig took of a Sierran Treefrog in the daylight hours. The pads on its feet give it the ability to climb pretty much anything. They act like suction cups.

Sierren Treefrog showing foot pads by Craig Tooley Sierran Treefrog by Craig TooleyThanks to Craig for allowing me to share his photos with you here. To see much more of Craig's nature photography, here is the link to his website:

You never know what you might see on the beach. We had some high surf several weeks ago due to the remnants of a hurricane. Marilyn Green wrote, “Here is a comical and almost friendly green crab on Pebble Beach, The Sea Ranch. I certainly enjoyed ‘meeting’ this creature.”


I sent Marilyn’s photo to Carol Preston of NOAA. She wrote, “It is a Lined shore crab, Pachygrapsus crassipes. It is fairly common in the high tide zone. This particular one is especially beautiful.”

This small crab is found from Oregon to Baja California.

Thanks to Marilyn for allowing me to share her photo.