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Last Wednesday, when storm clouds were clearing out, a double rainbow appeared in the late afternoon. Rozann Grunig captured it soaring over woods and into the Pacific Ocean.

Paul Brewer also photographed it, albeit from a different location.

Today we have blue skies. Tomorrow the last in a series of storms is expected in the afternoon. 75.53 inches have fallen this season at our place in Anchor Bay. A "normal" rainfall year is 50 inches. Bye, bye drought!

Thanks to Rozann and Paul for allowing me to share their rainbow photos with you here.

Yes, we are having a rainbow day, plus rain, hail, cold and wind. It's a wait-five-minutes kind of day, as the weather changes from sunny skies to dark clouds before you know it.

Lloyd Chasey captured this beautiful double rainbow from his home north of Gualala. What a great way to start his day...or to make a wish!

Thanks to Lloyd for allowing me to share his photo with  you here.

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We had an unexpected storm move in late Thursday and into Friday. We received 1.25 inches of the wet stuff at our house. It's unusual to have significant rain here in the middle of June. At the end of the storm, at dusk, a double rainbow appeared. Paul Brewer caught this event with his camera.

06-17-16 rainbow at Sunset by Paul BrewerI saw this rainbow through trees. It's pretty rare to see one late in the day - it had many of us gasping in awe.

Here is another double rainbow that Paul took some time ago.

Double Rainbow by Paul Brewer

Thanks to Paul for allowing me to share his photos with you here. To see much more of Paul's nature photography, here is the link to his website: http://www.capturingnatureswonders.com/

The remnants of a storm brought the Mendonoma coast beautiful rainbows. Paul Brewer photographed a double rainbow.

Double Rainbow by Paul Brewer

And the next morning Teresa Denniston captured a lovely sunrise from his deck overlooking the Gualala River and the Pacific Ocean.

Sunday morning's sunrise over the Gualala River by Rick Denniston

A big, wet storm is drenching the coast today. Batten down the hatches!

Thanks to Paul and Rick for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see much more of Paul's nature photography, here is his website: http://www.capturingnatureswonders.com/

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Last week a storm system gave us rainbows just before sunset, rather an unusual occurrence. Robert Scarola photographed the event in Gualala.

The first photo shows the rainbow beginning.

And the rainbow grows.

This was the sunset to the west.

 The rainbow then arched across the sky.

 And finally the right side of the rainbow formed a double.

Here's what Robert had to say about this event: "It was still lightly raining and misting on the hills behind our house, and as I watched a rainbow began to form next to a large tree opposite our back deck. It then grew, formed a double, arched at the top, started down to the left, and completed into a full arch. It was so close I could almost touch it, and I did not have a lens that was wide angle enough to capture the whole incredible sight. So I took this series with the lens I have. (I am now in the market for a wide angle lens!). Maybe people can get a feel for how this incredible magical event formed in front of my eyes as I watched. It was like Buddha decided to have some fun and do a sand painting in the sky for all of us still hanging out down here. As it faded away, I went to the other side of the house and took the photo of the sunset clouds to the west. Wow, is about all I can say."

Thanks to Robert for his sighting and for allowing me to share his lovely photos with you here.