Zak Rudy photographed an adult Bald Eagle, plus a Poetry in Soundspace Motion event Sat. the 20th

We've had two adult Bald Eagles spotted fairly regularly in Jenner, more specifically at the mouth of the Russian River. Zak Rudy took an interesting photo showing the size difference between the big eagle and a Common Raven.

Bald Eagle and a Common Raven by Zac Rudy

And here the Bald eagle stares at a wave, perhaps looking for a nice fish to eat.

Bald Eagle watches a wave at Jenner by Zak Rudy

Thanks to Zak for allowing me to share his photos with you here. Here is the information on Zak's event this Saturday: Poetry In Soundspace Motion: POLYRHYTHM

Saturday June 20, 7:30 pm

Arlene Francis Center 99 6th St. Santa Rosa, CA

Founded by North Coast resident Zak Rudy, and Shey Roth, Poetry In Soundspace Motion is now onto the third show at the Arlene Francis Center. This show, POLYRHYTHM, is a collaboration with with North Coast resident Phillip Meshekey. We are featuring a storyteller, a poet, a spoken word artist a musician song writer, and a freestyle hip-hop artist.

Phillip Meshekey is an established poet and spoken word artist of the First Nations, the nephew of John Trudell. His background in the arts and activism for the cause of Native rights shapes his poetry with deep meaning beneath the surface, as well as passion for living and loving, on Mother Earth.

Along with Phillip, representing the Pomo First Nation is Sal A Martinez, another established poet and native language historian, with a genuine, learned pen, bringing critical, often underappreciated subject matter to the fore. His gifted ability to present poems, often using humor in the face of racism, is a model for how we should all look at and respect the true first Nation here in this country. Sal will also edify the audience on just how distinct Native cultures were on the North Coast, helping non natives understand why there's no one label to identify all of their vast and unique cultures.

Zak Rudy has a long time association with Native peoples, though he is not Native. His study is in the art of hand drumming, having studied with Ghanian master Kwaku Daddy for five years, as well as playing with bellydancers even longer to the present. He brings a unique style, frailing a tenor banjo, drumming and strumming, as well as playing a doumbeck simultaneously as a background for the poets, performing original songs as well.

Gretchen Butler is a brilliant artist living a purposeful life off the grid, deep in the woods. Her work has been featured at the Quercia gallery in Duncan Mills. Now she will bring the same three panel epic piece, “Crossing the Garcia” to this show, audience members will have the chance to meet Gretchen and talk to her about her work. As well Gretchen will be performing, telling a story of an encounter with another long time resident in the woods where she lives, a rattlesnake.

Anthony “Underdog Rising” has a passion for freestyle hip-hop rhyming verse, focused on the positives of life rather than the typical negatives, he is refreshingly good at this medium of art.

Justin Walters is a very accomplished musician playing multiple string instruments, featuring the violin, he will play for poets as well as accompaning the dancers with a Persian themed set.


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