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...is it raining again?

Karen Chu, a guest at the Preserve, took this cute photo. We do have a lot of rain in our forecast, starting with light rain today. Here is what the Giraffes much prefer.

Judy Mello photographed them on a perfect sunny day in Point Arena.

Thanks to Karen and Judy for allowing me to share their fun photos with you here. To learn about the fabulous B. Bryan Preserve, here is the link to their website: http://bbryanpreserve.com/

It doesn't happen very often. Usually we see rainbows in the morning out over the ocean, but when conditions are perfect, we get a rainbow in the late afternoon. Jan Jewell photographed part of Sunday's double rainbow.

double-rainbow-by-jan-jewellAnd then Jan turned around and photographed the setting sun.

and-the-view-to-the-west-the-sunset-10-16-16-by-jan-jewellJust beautiful! The soaking rain we received over the weekend was very welcome. We received 3.65 inches at our house in Anchor Bay, a wonderful early autumn gift.

Thanks to Jan for allowing me to share her photos with you here.

Yes, rain is hitting the Mendonoma Coast, filling our seasonal creeks and adding precious water to our rivers and watersheds. A Brewer's Blackbird was seen taking a bath in a rain puddle and Rob Diefenbach caught the action with his camera. It seems to me the bird is glaring at Rob - this would be a great photo for a caption. Got one?

All creatures great and small appreciate the rain. Thanks to Rob for allowing me to share his photos with you here.


In less than 24 hours we had 4.9 inches of rain at our house in Anchor Bay. That's enough to cause flooding and, indeed, the Garcia River has flooded Highway One this morning. The seasonal creek the crosses our property was doing its best imitation of a mighty river and was running dangerously fast and very muddy. We were afraid that our golden retriever, Huckleberry, might get too close to the stream so we leashed him up.

I took these photos late yesterday afternoon after 4.2 inches had fallen. Here's Rick and Huck next to the spot on the creek where we usually can jump across - not yesterday and still not today!

 In the upper left is the path we usually take to get down to the forest floor. It was a river too!

Here Quinliven Creek rushes underneath the bridge Rick built with his son, Ron, so we could get across in times like these. This is about as close to the bridge as we've seen the creek. It was a little scary going across the bridge!

 And below you can see the creek as it looks this morning. It's lower and not so muddy but still running strong.

 And amidst all this winter-like weather, a wonderful sign of spring - a Red Clintonia emerges.