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I shared with you last week a photo Jon Shiu took of a Black Bear eating huckleberries in Elk. Here is the other photo Jon took.

Gosh, that is a big bear! And this bear sure loves huckleberries. Jon watched as he/she took a branch laden with berries, and ran the branch through his/her mouth That's efficient picking! Here is the link to the prior post in case you missed it: http://www.mendonomasightings.com/2017/09/10/a-black-bear-was-seen-eating-huckleberries-in-elk/

Thanks to Jon for allowing me to share his photo with you here. And here's to learning to live with the wildlife that was here before us.

Spectacular day on the Mendonoma coast today!

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Jon Shiu saw a Black Bear taking a branch loaded with huckleberries and running the branch through his mouth. That's an efficient way to eat these ripe wild blueberries.

The bear looks pretty happy in that big huckleberry patch! Jon got another photo of the big bear which is in this week's Independent Coast Observer. You will be able to see this other photo on the ICO's website at www.mendonoma.com.

Thanks to Jon for allowing me to share this great photo with you here.

Ed Roshitsh photographed this Black Bear at his Gualala property, just walking along.

A few weeks earlier, Allan Hogle photographed these bear prints near his farm by Old Stage Road.

Last month, an obviously pregnant Black Bear was caught on a motion detector camera on the ridge. Yes, we do share the Mendonoma coast with several Black Bears.

Thanks to Ed and Allan for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

We are experiencing a big, windy storm today, with two more storms behind it. The drought has broken with all this wonderful winter rain, at least in Northern California.

Motion detector cameras are giving us a view of wildlife we might not get to otherwise see. Laura Baker's camera caught the backside of a Black Bear.

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Laura wrote, “Our trail camera caught the backside of a Black bear as it was leaving our property, no doubt after eating its fill of apples and pears from our trees. The funny part is that in reviewing the photos from the past month, we found an earlier, almost identical shot. It appears that the bear would prefer to put a tree between it and the camera, rather than take the easy path along the road, which would put it in closer proximity to the device. But who knows?”

Here's a print a Black Bear left in the mud, this one taken by Terry Bold.fresh-bear-track-by-terry-bold-large It's pretty exciting to see a Black Bear. They do love apples, so if you are on the Mendonoma coast and have apple trees, be prepared to share!

Thanks to Laura and Terry for allowing me to share their photos with you here.


Terry Bold was hiking near the Garcia River when she came across the print of a Black Bear.

Soon thereafter she found scat. No actual sighting of the Bear though. Below are two photos Terry took of the river.

Thanks to Terry for allowing me to share her photos with you here.