Even with the warm weather, mushrooms are still appearing.

Matsutakes, a prized edible mushroom, are up. Alex Kun found a nice haul on the Sonoma coast.

Rick and I found some too, near our place in Anchor Bay. They come up in the same place, year after year. They grow in sandy soil and they smell like cinnamon.

King Boletes, Boletus edulis, another choice edible, are also still appearing. Remi Alexander photographed Patrick Hillscan with two nice mushrooms.

This morning Rick and I found two big Boletes growing on our land. It's rather puzzling with the dry, low humidity weather we've been having. We did receive over nine inches of rain in November, and that was apparently enough for the 'shrooms!

Cece Case photographed two beautiful Coral mushrooms.

Some Coral mushrooms are edible, but I just like to enjoy their beauty where they grow.With more rain, we should be seeing many more of these intricate fungi in the forest. No rain is  predicted until the 20th.

Thanks to Alex, Remi and Cece for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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