A Mountain Lion was spotted at Navarro.

Rifaat saw a female Mountain Lion with her two cubs last week near Navarro Ridge Road. Rifaat didn't get photos of the cubs, as they were hunkered down in the grasses. Rifaat watched as the Lioness tried to take a Buck, but the Buck got away.

There is a close-up of her in today's Independent Coast Observer, quite a wonderful photo.

Thanks to Riaat for allowing me to share these photos with you.

2 thoughts on “A Mountain Lion was spotted at Navarro.

  1. An exciting sighting of a beautiful apex predator! Further proof that our healthy local environment is thriving. We speak for the river, and the trees, and all the creatures that call it home.
    Thank you Jeanne for this wonderful blog post.

    1. Jeanne Jackson

      Post author

      Yes, we are all connected. We humans often forget that, to our peril. Thank you, Anne Mary.

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