An adult Harbor Seal with two of last year’s pups.

Sherry Scholl spotted this adult Harbor Seal with two smaller seals. Laura Cortright confirmed the two smaller ones are last year's pups.

It's just about time for pupping season. It's important to realize that mothers leave their newborn pups alone on secluded beaches so they can go feed. Never try to "rescue" a pup. If you see a Harbor Seal pup, or any other marine mammal in distress, the correct thing to do is call the Marine Mammal Center at 415) 289-SEAL. They will call a trained local resident to come and assess the situation.

And remember to keeps your dogs leashed when approaching any beach this time of year. We are fortunate that Harbor Seals thrive here, and we don't want to stress them in any way. Here's to many healthy pups this year!

Thanks to Sherry for allowing me to share her photo with us here.

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