A Northern Pgymy-owl survives hitting a window.

I'll let Diane Hichwa tell the story:

"We rescued and released an injured owl. This small Northern Pygmy-Owl flew into a window.” Diane, experienced in bird rescue, went to the site where the little owl was standing, stunned. “I put the owl on a heating pad overnight for observation and could hear him clacking his beak at me – a good sign.

Northern Pygmy-Owl by Diane Hichwa

“After grabbing my finger a few times the next morning, I felt the little guy was good to go! He flew off strongly into the shrubby vegetation he calls home. He left a nice little owl pellet in the box. Pygmy-owls weigh about four ounces, and are four inches tall, but they are fierce hunters of birds!”

A happy ending! Thanks to Diane for allowing me to share her photo with you here. Diane is trained in bird rescue. Would you like to take the training? Here's the link to the Bird Rescue Center of Santa Rosa: https://www.birdrescuecenter.org/

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