The Milky Way is starring in the night sky.

Here on the Mendonoma Coast we celebrate our lack of light pollution. That allows for some wonderful night sky views. Allen Vinson is the latest coast photographer to try his hand at photographing the Milky Way and he got a bonus "shooting star." Allen said this first photo was a 20 second exposure.

Milky Way by Allen Vinson

Allen took another photo which shows some of The Sea Ranch.

The Milky Way over The Sea Ranch by Allen Vinson

I asked Allen how he photographed this. He wrote,

"The Sea Ranch Lodge is in the lower left.
The photo info is:  ISO 3200, f/2.8, 15 second exposure, 14 mm lens.
I read up on how to photograph the Milky Way, and on a dark night, a 30 second exposure is recommended.  Here, the moon may have been getting close to rising.
Rather than time lapse, which I have used to record the changing clouds every 20 seconds over a 3 hours period so it plays back in just a couple of minutes, this is a long exposure."

Thanks to Allen for allowing me to share his beautiful photos with you here. To see more of Allen's nature photography, here is the link:

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