A rare wildflower was found – Sticky Chinese Houses.

What an unusual common name for a beautiful rare wildflower - Sticky Chinese Houses! Peter Baye has been on a personal treasure hunt to find this beauty and he finally did. It was found on a rocky outcrop above the Gualala River. Its scientific name is Collinsia tinctoria.

Sticky Chinese houses, Collinsia tinctoria, by Peter BayePeter said each flower looks like it was hand-painted. Just gorgeous!

Thanks to Peter for allowing me to share his photo with you here.

2 thoughts on “A rare wildflower was found – Sticky Chinese Houses.

  1. Carolyn André

    I have never seen nor heard of Sticky Chinese Houses, but it's so beautiful. I hope I see one in the future and am going to look it up online. Thanks for sharing Jeanne! And thanks to Peter for the great photo.


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