Very low tide exposed a pathway to Gualala Point Island.

Nancy Padgett photographed this very low tide recently. It was pretty foggy that day! The low tide exposes a possible pathway to Gualala Point Island.

Very low tide and Gualalal Point Island by Nancy Padgett

It wouldn't be a good idea to walk over there. An incoming tide could trap you there. And the rocks and islands off our coast are protected as part of the California Coastal National Monument. This particular island is an important seabird nesting site. We wouldn't want the birds disturbed in any way.

To learn more about the Monument, here is a link to the Bureau of Land Management:

Thanks to Nancy for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

2 thoughts on “Very low tide exposed a pathway to Gualala Point Island.

  1. I have followed that exact pathway out onto Gualala Point Island in a JANUARY when there were NO nesting birds and BEFORE it became part of the California Coastal National Monument. The waves breaking around the island are still quite dangerous even during a minus tide and it is now VERY illegal to attempt going out there during the seabird nesting season. In fact, we had to decide whether or not to prosecute 2 teenagers who DID several years ago as those of us monitoring GPI happen to see them and photographed them before calling the Sonoma County Sheriff and BLM.

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