Gemmed Amanita – pretty to look at, but definitely not to eat!

Irma Brandt came to our property to look at a few amanitas that appeared a several weeks ago. She discovered they were Amanita gemmata, Gemmed Amanitas. They are also called Jonquil Amanita. They are quite poisonous, so look but don't eat.

Irma Brandt with Gemmed Amanita, Amanita gemmata by Jeanne Jackson

It is perfectly safe to handle this mushroom as you see Irma doing. It takes ingesting it to make one sick. The photo below shows the mature mushroom, and the following  photo shows one just peeking up from the duff with the one Irma dug up next to it.

A Gemmed Amanita by Jeanne Jackson Two Gemmed Amanitas by Jeanne Jackson

There is great beauty in mushrooms, and the way they evolve as they grow is fascinating.