It’s the time of the rut for our Black-tailed Deer.

Big bucks, showing off their antlers, have been seen pursuing does. Maureen Simons watched a pair recently. They caught wind of Maureen and took flight.

Doe and Buck in flight by Maureen Simons (Large)

Two days ago I heard rustling outside the window. I looked out and there was a buck and a doe near a big huckleberry bush. I said, "Hello, beautiful," which appeared to be the wrong thing to say! The buck went crashing into the huckleberry bush, entangling his antlers for a short time. He successfully disentangled himself and then took off. I saw them a little later as the doe grazed and the buck followed close behind.

Nik Epanchin photographed a buck devouring a butterfly bush.

Buck devouring a Butterfly bush by Nik Epanchin

It's always interesting to see a deer stand on two legs! Thanks to Nik and Maureen for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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