The beautiful markings on a Bobcat’s coat.

Carolyn André and Barry Richman were honored with a visit from a Bobcat. Carolyn got several photos of the handsome animal.

The interesting markings of a Bobcat by Carolyn André

I wondered if Bobcat's were all marked alike and discovered each one is unique! Just like a human's fingerprints, each Bobcat has different markings.

The back of a Bobcat's ears by Carolyn André

Bobcats are named because of their short "bobbed" tails. One thing they all have in common after the age of eight weeks is the white patch on the back of their ears.

The tail is how a Bobcat got its name by Carolyn André

The Bobcat headed off to hunt for its favorite meal - gophers.

Thanks to Carolyn for allowing me to share her photos with you here.

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