A possible sign of an upcoming El Nino.

Low tides are an invitation to take a tide pool walk. Noel Olson and her sons, Julian and Chase did just that recently, and they found something very interesting, several Hopkins’ Rose Nudibranchs. Noel wrote, “Today we spotted these two beauties in The Sea Ranch! My sons carefully held them [underwater] for scale."

Hopkins' Rose Nudibranchs by Noel Olson


What is interesting about the nudibranchs the Olsons found is these pink, spiky, one-inch long sea slugs are usually found off of Southern California; they prefer warmer waters. The last time they were found this far north was during the strong El Nino that brought heavy rains in 1997-1998.

Thanks to Noel for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

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