Have you ever had a Dragonfly land on your fingers?

Dragonflies and damselflies are fascinating insects. Darrell Paige wrote, “It is obvious that spring has arrived with the continual traffic of Dragonflies cycling up and down North Fork Fuller Creek. There are a variety of colors: bright orange, blue, blue/black, stripped, and the yellow/black stripped Pacific Spiketail.

“One Pacific Spiketail decided to take a break and have a little quiet time on Lee Tate’s fingers, which provided me with the opportunity to snap a photo and see the intricate detail of the wings before it decided rest time was over and went back to cycling up and down the creek.”

A Western Flying Adder Dragonfly rests by Darrell Paige

I have never seen a Dragonfly, a living jewel, rest on someone’s fingers. That’s an amazing sighting. Thanks to Paige for allowing me to share his photo with you here.


2 thoughts on “Have you ever had a Dragonfly land on your fingers?

  1. Brandon

    I also had this happen to me but I was sitting in my shed smoking marijuana and all of a sudden a dragonfly landed on the end of my finger it was blue and I had no idea why it didn't want to leave the shed or a smoky area it just stayed there for about 10 minutes finally flew away I can move around and function and it was still staying there weird


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