The fascinating Glass Beach at MacKerricher State Park.

Susan Bechtel recently visited Glass Beach in Fort Bragg and took a photo of the of the sparkling sea glass.

Glass Beach by Susan Bechtel (Large)

There are actually three glass beaches in Fort Bragg, all former trash dump sites. Up until 1967 most trash was thrown over the cliffs into the ocean, a common practice of seaside residents for centuries.

The Pacific Ocean took the multi-colored glass bottles and, over the years, tumbled them into small pieces of sea glass. The rock formations at Fort Bragg create wave patterns that kept glass on the beach. The tides and the sand worked together to smooth and round the glass.

The Glass Beach at MacKerricher State Park is easy to visit. Turn left on Elm Street and park at the end. Susan warns there is a stand of poison oak at the beginning of the trail. The trail, she says, is easy. Leave the glass for others to enjoy.

Thanks to Susan for allowing me to share her photo with you here. To learn more about MacKerricher State Park, here is the link:

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