Barbara Thrush witnessed the birth of a Harbor Seal pup.

Harbor Seal pups are being born on secluded coves. The bluffs at The Sea Ranch are one of the places you can quietly watch without disturbing them. Barbara Thrush saw a birth from start to finish.

A Harbor Seal pup being born by Barbara Thrush Mother Harbor Seal looks at her pup being born by Barbara Thrush

Finally the little one is born.

And the Harbor Seal pup is born by Barbara Thrush

Next the pup and its mother bond. They are also marking each other's scent so they can find each other.

A newborn Harbor Seal pup bonding with its mother by Barbara Thrush

And lastly the newborn pup tests the waters with mom watching close by.

A newborn Harbor Seal pup in the water by Barbara Thrush

Once again let me caution people not to "rescue" a pup left alone on a beach. The mother will leave her newborn while she fishes to feed herself. She will return!

Thanks to Barbara for allowing me to share her wonderful photos with  you here.

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