Bobcats are year round residents on the Mendonoma Coast.

Mark Simkins and Kitty Wolfe have meadows around their Manchester home. Kitty says they have millions of gopher - yes, that is just an estimate. Bobcats LOVE gophers and can be seen hunting their favorite prey regularly. Mark recently got these photos.

A Bobcat just walked by my window by Mark Simkins A Bobcat on the move by Mark Simkins

Bobcats are often seen in the daytime here, though they are supposed to be nocturnal. They are agile hunters. Here is one of my favorite photos of one climbing the very high fence at the B. Bryan Preserve in Point Arena, photo taken by Judy Mello.

Bobcat climbing the Giraffe fence by Judy MelloThat is a very determined Bobcat! And it shows if you are trying to raise chickens where Bobcats live, you really need to protect them.

Thanks to Mark and Judy for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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