California Quail taking a dust bath, as photographed by Siegfried Matull.

I'll let Siegfried Matull tell this story:

“Whenever the sun shines, we have Quail taking sand baths in our yard. We have been watching this action for many hours!

Quail taking a sand bath by Siegfried Matull

“In my picture you can see two Quail on the left with their eyes open, but the Quail on the right has stuck its head down into the sand we are sure with its eyes closed. These birds throw the sand with their wings high into the air, fully covering themselves with sand, making them invisible.”

Studies have shown that dusting helps Quail maintain the optimum level of oil on their feathers.

Thanks to Siegfried for allowing me to share his photo with you here. And Happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States! This beautiful, warm day on the Mendonoma Coast is reason enough to be thankful. And we are thankful for the rains to come - there is a series of storms headed our way, with rain to begin sometime tomorrow. Hooray!




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