We are waiting for the Gualala River to open to the Pacific Ocean!

We had another good storm last night so Rick and I went to the Gualala Bluff Trail to see if the Gualala River was close to opening. As of noon today it was still closed by the huge sandbar.

Gualala River still closed by Jeanne Jackson (Large)

Ocean waves are flowing over the sandbar in several places.

Ocean waves flowing over the sandbar by Jeanne Jackson (Large)

It will be interesting to see if the river opens up this weekend. There was a LOT of rainfall in the watershed and tributaries of the Gualala River. Perhaps it will open tomorrow. Our next chance of rain isn't until five or six days away.

4 thoughts on “We are waiting for the Gualala River to open to the Pacific Ocean!

    1. Jeanne Jackson

      Post author

      Yes, the Russian River was closed on Friday, though I am told it was open on Wednesday. It is interesting to watch our rivers!

  1. I'd be very surprised if the mouth holds overnight. Wayne said the river was well into the marsh on the Sonoma side, and at Mill Bend, was up covering the first parking area. We had a nice fleet of boaters out today, but sent them upriver just in case the mouth opened while they were out paddling. The estuary can drain in about 30 minutes! Don't think visitors will be able to boat over the T'Day weekend.

  2. Jeanne Jackson

    Post author

    We watched for a while yesterday, Sunday. It looked like it could open any time. Could not believe it when a group of people walked out on the sandbar! Wow...

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