Brown Pelicans are migrating by, heading south.

We are having lovely, warm days though changes are ahead. With little wind, a walk on the bluffs can bring wonderful sightings. One of the best, I believe, is the sighting of Brown Pelicans. Sometimes they will land on a bluff to rest and then take off on their journey. That's what Harm Wilkinson recently photographed.

Brown Pelicans take off by Harm Wilkinson

There are several adult Brown Pelicans here. You can tell because they have white heads. Also, their underparts are gray. There is one juvenile with its brown head and white underpart.

Brown Pelicans plunge dive for fish. Pat Killen got this amazing photo just before the Pelican's beak enters the water.

Brown Pelican plunge diving by Patrick Killen

Thanks to Harm and Pat for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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