An unusual fish was seen – a Mola mola.

The ocean temperature has been warmer than usual, nearly four degrees above normal. That is surely the reason an unusual fish appeared off our coast near Anchor Bay. Richard Lewis saw it from his boat about 50 yards off the front of Fish Rocks. It was cruising north on the current.

Mola mola by Richard Lewis

This disc-shaped fish is also called a Sunfish and their favorite food is Jellyfish. On average they weigh two thousand pounds! Several days later a juvenile Mola mola washed up on the beach at Cooks Beach. That had me wondering if this was a pregnant female. But no, I'm told. Mola mola females lay eggs, millions of them. Then the male fertilizes the eggs. Less than one percent of the eggs survive. So it must have been coincidence that a juvenile was also seen.

Thanks to Richard for allowing me to share his photo with  you here.