Two Blue Whales were spotted off our Coast!

Last Thursday Allen Vinson had his camera in hand when he and Craig Gilliland spotted a huge spout.

The tall spout of a Blue Whale by Allen Vinson

Then a second whale appeared.

Two Blue Whales by Allen Vinson

I wonder if this might be a mother/calf pair. The Blue Whales were quite a ways out - Allen was using his long lens to get these photos. Here are a few more looks.

Blue Whale 2 by Allen Vinson Blue Whale 3 by Allen Vinson

This last photo shows you what Allen and Craig were seeing from the bluffs. This is the time of year we are more likely to see a Blue Whale, the largest creature on earth. Very much endangered still, as their numbers have been slow to increase after whaling was stopped.

It's a wonderful sighting, that's for sure. And two Minke Whales were spotted earlier the same day.

Thanks to Allen for allowing me to share his photos with you here.

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