Look what passed by our shores – the Oberon.

On May 26th, a very strange looking vessel was seen. Rick wondered at first if it was an ice breaker because of its prow. We could see the boat's name was Oberon. Cathleen Crosby noticed it too. She was able to pull over along Highway One and get this photo.

The Oberon, a support ship for superyachts by Cathleen Crosby

We found out it is a support vessel for Super Yachts, a Sea Axe 5009 Oberon. You can see a smaller boat on the back. Apparently they carry supplies and extra crew for a luxury yacht. It's top speed is 28 knots, a very fast vessel indeed.

To learn more about this yacht, here's a link:  http://www.charterworld.com/news/sea-axe-5009-oberon-yacht-changes-the-superyacht-support-vessel-market

Thanks to Cathleen for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

2 thoughts on “Look what passed by our shores – the Oberon.

  1. Betty Blase

    A friend used to work on yachts. These support vessels are also fuel barges so that the party vessel doesn't have to go into port to refuel. It's an interesting lifestyle.

  2. Jeanne Jackson

    Post author

    To say the least, Betty! This particular vessel also carries crew and food. Wouldn't want to curtail your fun with a tired crew!


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