A Western Gull with its chick called for a caption contest.

Craig Tooley photographed this photo of an adult Western Gull giving its chick "the look." What do you think the caption should be? Western Gull parent tell its chick “Oh, why, yes! They're SUPPOSED to be pink,” cap. by Steve Serdahely, pho.by Craig Tooley Steve Serdahely sent in the winning caption (the judge was Craig's wife, Rita Peck). His caption was: "What? Oh, why YES! They're supposed to be pink!"

Other fun captions were: "Don't you kids wear anything but camo?" by Joseph Reader

"How many times must I repeat that you are still too young to get your beak pierced." by Irma Brandt

"He takes after his father!" by Rozann Grunig

Thanks to Craig for allowing me to caption it and share it here with you. To see much more of Craig's nature photography, his website is: www.ruffimage.com

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