The Gualala River is finally closed off to the Pacific Ocean

The wild Gualala River did finally close to the Pacific and is now full. You can see from the photo below that the river is particularly beautiful right now. What a nice place to put a bench! When you enter Gualala Point Regional Park you will come to a parking area on the left. Park, cross the road and walk towards the river to find this bench.

Rick and I, with our golden retriever, Huckleberry, on leash walked down to the beach and all the way to the north end to see what it looked like. This is where the river usually is open but you can see the sandbar has built up enough to close the river. It won't open again until there are enough winter rains.

Rick is looking at the river from the sandbar. Once closed the river is extremely safe for kayaking and other water sports.

Here's a photo of the river on the left and the Pacific Ocean on the right - and a glimpse of Huckleberry's back.

It's very windy today but this weekend is suppose to be fantastic weather-wise. It would be a great time to visit and see some of these places for yourself.

5 thoughts on “The Gualala River is finally closed off to the Pacific Ocean

  1. I had never walked out to where that bench is before. What an opportunity for a good photo! Check it out, Steve, when you come for a visit..soon, I hope.

    Huck had a little trouble with the pebbles near the former mouth of the river. He awkwardly sat down and I found his back paws had some pebbles wedged in. Cleared them out and he was good to go.

  2. Anonymous

    Why is it I have never seen anyone swimming in that great deep pool at the end of river? Seems like ideal spot to me.


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