Bobcat caught in mid-air by Drew Fagan in Gualala

Drew Fagan has an art studio at his place in Gualala. It affords him some might fine wildlife viewing. Recently he watched an encounter between a Bobcat and a Gray Fox. The Bobcat apparently got too close to the Fox's kits. The Fox chased the Bobcat off but before that happened, Drew caught the beautiful Bobcat hunting something in the grass - possibly a small rodent - and snapped this photo. A big thank you to Drew for allowing me to share it here.

If you'd like to see Drew's art, here's his web site:

6 thoughts on “Bobcat caught in mid-air by Drew Fagan in Gualala

  1. Anonymous

    Great photos! Thanks for posting. We'll be up that way next week and hope to see a bobcat or fox, or other wildlife.

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