The Green Flash – it’s not a myth!

One of the joys of living on the coast is watching the sun set "into" the ocean. If conditions are perfect, you might be rewarded with a green flash. The horizon must be clear for this phenomenon to appear. Here on the Mendonoma Coast the green flash is more like a pulse of emerald green light, as if someone was holding a flashlight just a bit above the sun as it disappears. Don't blink because it's usually over in a flash! It is particularly difficult to photograph but Frank Vaskelis captured one and has graciously allowed me to share here with you.
                     My best to you!  Jeanne Jackson, Gualala

5 thoughts on “The Green Flash – it’s not a myth!

  1. Sita

    I keep looking for one and all I get is blinded by the sun. But, I shall persevere! Thanks for the lovely sightings Jeanne.

  2. Yes, there's a trick for watching the sunset without blinding yourself! I sneak little sideways glances at the setting sun. Then I keep my eyes wide open - no blinking! - while the sun disappears.

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