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Wendy Baily saw this big, male Elephant Seal haul out onto the boat ramp at Anchor Bay Beach. He promptly feel asleep.

A couple of men decided to go over and chase him off. But when they got close and saw how big he was, they changed their minds - good decision! Anyway, he looks so peaceful and relaxed so why disturb his rest?

Thanks to Wendy for allowing me to share this fun photo with you here.

Today fog is draped over the ocean, but it's sunny and warm when you are away from the fog. 77 degrees this afternoon at my house in Anchor Bay. Spring in winter!

On November 15th, the sunset painted the sky in the most beautiful colors. It simply took our breath away to see it. Several coast photographers kindly sent me their photos of the event. Wendy Bailey took her photo at Anchor Bay Beach.

beautiful-sunset-at-anchor-bay-beach-by-wendy-baileyPaul Brewer captured the view looking south from Gualala.

beautiful-sunset-by-paul-brewerAnd Janet Kukulinsky also caught magic.

magnificent-sunset-by-janet-kukulinskyWe have many beautiful sunsets here on the Mendonoma coast, but this one was pretty darn spectacular.

Thanks to Wendy, Paul and Janet for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see much more of Paul's nature photography, here is the link to his website: http://www.capturingnatureswonders.com/

Gualala Point Regional Park is a coast jewel. Visitors and locals alike can be seen walking the many trails, some along the bluffs and others to the sandy beach.

Gualala Point Regional Park by Jeanne Jackson Amber waves of grain - Gualala Point Regional Park by Wendy Bailey Yellow Bush Lupine at Gualala Point Regional Park by Martin Steinpress Pacific Ocean seen from Gualala Point Park by jeanne JacksonIrene Leidner is in charge of the volunteers who staff the Visitors Center Friday through Monday. She has several shifts that need to be filled. Can you help? Each shift is 2-1/2 to 3 hours, once a month. Irene will train you, and you are guaranteed to meet interesting visitors to the coast. Please contact Irene at: ildrbdvy@mcn.org.

The photo of "Waves of Amber Grain" was taken by Wendy Baily. The photo of Lupine was taken by Martin Steinpress. The other two are mine. Thanks to Wendy and Martin for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Gualala Point Regional Park has so many wonderful aspects to it. It's one of my favorite parks to walk with Rick and our golden retriever, Sunny, which is what we did today. With the King Tides, the ocean was roiled up and big breakers crashed against bluffs and the sandy beach.

Wendy Bailey walked there recently and she was taken by the autumn grasses, which she entitled amber waves of grain.

Amber waves of grain - Gualala Point Regional Park by Wendy Bailey

The Gualala River lagoon has filled up in recent days. At high tide the ocean is spilling over the sandbar that has the river closed. And we've had several small rain events. It's quite kayak-able right now and this weekend could be the perfect time to get in a trip on the river.

Thanks to Wendy for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

Warm weather brings butterflies aplenty. A beautiful Swallowtail has been flitting around my garden. Robert Van Syoc recently found a lovely Painted Lady.


Here's a Pale Swallowtail. The first photo shows it hitching a ride on Ken Bailey's hood, and the second photo shows the butterfly moving over to Wendy Bailey's shoulder.

Pale Swallowtail hitches on ride on Ken Bailey's hood by Wendy Bailey

Pale Swallowtail then flys to Wendy Bailey's back by Ken Bailey

Wherever we find them, we love to see butterflies!

Thanks to Robert, Ken, and Wendy for allowing me to share their photos with you here.