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Jeffrey Jermaine recently photographed Smuggler's Cove, a cove on The Sea Ranch.

There are some great tide pool spots close to the this cove. Donna Martinez, owner of Sea Ranch Abalone Bay, a vacation rental, has a great website where you can learn about where to tide pool on The Sea Ranch. Here's the link: http://searanchabalonebay.com/activities/sea-ranch-tide-pools/

Thanks to Jeremy for allowing me to share his photo with you here.

Marilyn Green noticed Jellyfish washed up on the beach on Saturday. She wrote, “There were at least 50 on Pebble Beach on The Sea Ranch. Some were in the water and looked healthy to me!” I sent Marilyn’s photo to Robert Van Syoc and he identified it as a Moon Jelly, Aurelia aurita. Marilyn’s photo shows the four pink reproductive glands.

These Jellyfish are capable of very little motion and are dependent on where the tides take them. For the 50 or so on the beach, the tides took them the wrong way.

This third photo shows a Moon Jellyfish safe in the water.

Thanks to Marilyn for allowing me to share her photos with you here.

A big Buck was out on the tide pools at The Sea Ranch. John Harmon wrote, “Jill and I happened across a security person while walking the bluff near the Marine Preserve between Post 14 and 15. She was looking at this Buck.

“As the tide was turning to come in, and because we had planned to go tide pool gazing, we ventured down to the rocks to circle around and flush him back up to the bluff. He was having none of it. Several others tried in vain. We continued on our walk and returned to find the Buck now laying down with a growing entourage of onlookers. We don’t know how this tale ended.”

John wondered if the Buck might be eating Kelp, but I learned Kelp is not nutritious for Black-tailed Deer. It’s a mystery why the Buck was out there, but he wasn’t in danger from the incoming tide. Deer are very good swimmers.

Thanks to John for allowing me to share his photo with you here.

We are getting some much needed rain today.

Rick and I, along with our golden retriever Sunny, visited the Walk On Beach public access trail on The Sea Ranch. Sonoma County Regional Parks made the Sea Ranch public access trails free to the public recently. What we found when we reached the bluffs had me exclaiming! It was thrilling to see and hear the big waves crashing against the rocks. Yes, it was foggy, but that didn't bother us.

The sounds of the big breakers were amazing and watching the breakers crash against rocks was mesmerizing.

Big Breakers off Walk On Beach by Jeanne Jackson

Big rollers off Walk On Beach by Jeanne Jackson

Here are a couple of short video clips. Enjoy! The sun did come out for the afternoon. And rain is in our forecast for later next week. That would be a blessing!

The young of our resident Gray Foxes are awfully cute. Once in a while they will make a den under a deck or wood shack. That's what happened for Michael Tilles at his place on The Sea Ranch. There are four kits in Michael's photo.

Then Janice O'Conner let me know she had a family of SIX kits at her place in Gualala. That's a large family, for sure.

  Gray Foxes live on the Mendonoma Coast year round. Thanks to Michael and Jan for allowing me to share their photos with you here.