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To see these cheery mushrooms poking up after our autumn rains always makes me smile. We have a spot on our property where they appear in great numbers. Here is how Fly Amanitas, Amanita muscaria, look with they first appear.

Then they open up and reveal their true selves.

Here is one with a "baby" underneath.

Our golden retriever, Sunny, does his best not to step on them as he heads down into the forest.

These mushrooms have hallucinogenic qualities. It's possible to parboil the toxins out, I've been told by mushroom expert David Arora. I prefer just to watch them evolve. They make me happy to look at them!


Anne Mary Schaefer photographed this beautiful sight a few weeks ago.

Isn't it lovely? Anne Mary is a talented pet photographer too. She photographed our rescue golden retriever, Sunny, some months ago. Anne Mary captured a nice smile from our Sunny!

Thanks to Anne Mary for allowing me to share her photos with you here. Her photography website is: http://www.pawpawrazzipetphotography.com/

Quinliven Creek flows through out property and it's a joy to see it full from all the rains.

Sunny, our rescue golden retriever who came all the way from Taiwan, doesn't mind wearing a raincoat when it is raining hard.

For today, the sun has come out with an occasional shower. We even had an earthquake early this morning! It's never dull on the Mendonoma Coast.

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Sunny doesn't mind flooded trails (Large)Sunny, our golden retriever, doesn't mind the flooded path! Quinliven Creek was running fast and furious, as you will see below.

Quinlivin Creek after the storm by Jeanne Jackson (Large)

Lots of rain has pumped up our seasonal creeks, including the one that traverses our property in Anchor Bay. It's so exhilarating to walk alongside, breathing in the freshness and appreciating all the wonderful rain we are getting. Here is a short video of a part of the stream.

Quinlivin Creek today

More rain for tomorrow, Sunday. Then we have a chance to dry out.