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Great Egrets are year-round residents of the coast and can often be seen alongside the Gualala River. Rozann Grunig spotted one recently resting on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Here is a fun photo taken by Siegfried Matull some years ago of a Great Egret standing next to a Brown Pelican.

Thanks to Rozann and Siegfried for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

George Anderson wrote, “We have not had any [California] Quail chicks in our backyard hedgerow for about five years. This year, a bonanza! The picture shows the young ones nestling and preening after a dust bath. How many can you count? 20 seems to be the consensus answer, but it’s challenging with such great protective coloration.”

It's hard to tell exactly how many little ones are in there! Siegfried Matull took one of my favorite photos of a Quail family, all lined up and easily counted.

There are fourteen little chicks in Siegfried's photo, with the father on the right and the mother on the left.

Thanks to George and Siegfried for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Barbara Thrush spotted this Tom Turkey showing off his beautiful tail feathers, obviously hoping to impress a Hen or two.

Tom Turkey displaying by Barbara ThrushThe males really have a lot of color, don't they? Siegfried Matull once photographed a male Tom Turkey flying from a  hedgerow on The Sea Ranch.

Siegfried's Wild Turkey flying out of a hedgerow by Siegfried MatullIt is thought these turkeys are not native here, but others disagree. We know they are here now and can be seen occasionally right alongside Highway One.

Thanks to Barbara and Siegfried for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

It's not easy photographing CA Quail chicks, as they always seem to be in motion. Two chicks recently came to a water dish to take a few sips, and Clay Yale had his camera at the ready.

Two California Quail chicks by Clay Yale

Here is a photo of the beautiful male, taken by Tom Eckles. The male is always on guard duty while the female tends to her covey of little ones.

Male Quail by Tom Eckles

My all-time favorite photo of CA Quail was taken by Siegfried Matull

14 Baby Quail by Siegfried Matull

14 chicks are on the bench, with Dad acting as a sentry. It looks like Mom is on the left.

Thanks to Clay, Tom, and Siegfried for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see much more of Tom's photography, here is his website: www.tomeckles.com

For several years a Steller's Jay nest has held chicks. The adults built the nest above a light fixture on the outside of our house in Anchor Bay. The nesting female was so quiet, you hardly knew she was on the nest. But when the eggs hatched, the babies could be heard when a parent approached with food.

Last week the chicks had grown and were close to fledging. Here's a look at the three chicks.

Steller's Jay chicks by Jeanne Jackson

One of the chicks was watching me pretty close as I took its picture.

Steller's Jay chick looking at me by Jeanne Jackson

Most of the twigs and small branches are from a Japanese Maple tree in our garden. The three chicks fledged last week.

Here's what two fully grown adults looks like. Siegfried Matull caught these two in flight.

Steller's Jays by Siegfried Matull 3

And here is a funny photo of a fledgling that Connie Matz took several years ago. "Feed meeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Steller's Blue Jay fledging by Connie Matz

Thanks to Siegfried and Connie for allowing me to share their photos with you here.