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Great Egrets are year-round residents of the coast and can often be seen alongside the Gualala River. Rozann Grunig spotted one recently resting on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Here is a fun photo taken by Siegfried Matull some years ago of a Great Egret standing next to a Brown Pelican.

Thanks to Rozann and Siegfried for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Last Wednesday, when storm clouds were clearing out, a double rainbow appeared in the late afternoon. Rozann Grunig captured it soaring over woods and into the Pacific Ocean.

Paul Brewer also photographed it, albeit from a different location.

Today we have blue skies. Tomorrow the last in a series of storms is expected in the afternoon. 75.53 inches have fallen this season at our place in Anchor Bay. A "normal" rainfall year is 50 inches. Bye, bye drought!

Thanks to Rozann and Paul for allowing me to share their rainbow photos with you here.

Douglas Iris are in bloom, as photograph by Rozann Grunig.

And Hound's Tongue, such a bright blue, is also blooming. Jill Silliphant photographed a Buckeye Butterfly feeding on one.

And Baby Blue Eyes are in glorious bloom on bluffs. Bonnie Ely photographed these.

Today we are having April Showers on this Easter Sunday. And you know the saying - April showers bring May flowers!

Thanks to Bonnie, Jill and Rozann for allowing me to share their photos with you here.


Rozann Grunig wrote, “On Christmas – and Hanukkah – morning, I awoke to see this rainbow from a north-facing window. It wasn’t raining, but the sunrise was full of pinks and oranges. It lasted perhaps 20 second, then was gone.

“I showed my photo to George’s cousin, a former military pilot. He said this is virga, which is rain, ice or mist in the clouds that evaporates before hitting the ground. It causes streaks of light as the sun refracts light through the moisture.”

Thanks to Rozann for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

Rozann Grunig went foraging on Friday and she found the first reported Chanterelle of the season. She also found a Queen Bolete and several King Boletes, a nice bounty of edibles.

chanterelle-queen-bolete-and-king-boletes-by-rozann-grunigThis morning on our walk, Rick and I found a big Queen Bolete, two Matsutakes peeking through the duff, and several Coccoras. Many other mushrooms are up too. They are loving the rain we just had!

Thanks to Rozann for allowing me to share her photo with you here.