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Teresa Denniston was watching for Gray Whales recently. Their southward migration is in full swing. Teresa saw this Gray Whale spyhopping, a thrilling sight.

Here is a photo her husband, Rick, took from their home overlooking the Gualala River and the Pacific Ocean of another Gray Whale spyhopping.

I saw a spyhopping Gray Whale once, off of Biehler Point on The Sea Ranch. The whale was so quiet, took a quick look, and then just as quietly sank back down into the water. I almost doubted what I saw!

Thanks to Teresa and Rick for allowing me to share their photos with  you here. Their home is called Serendipity and is available as a short-term rental. You can see it at this link: http://rentals.coastinghome.com/rns/property/Serendipit.aspx


It's very rare indeed to see a Tundra Swan in early autumn, but one arrived last Monday and has been seen at the Gualala River since then. Mel Smith reported he saw the swan today, paddling in the river.

Bob Rutemoeller was the first to spot the Tundra Swan while he was volunteering at the Gualala Bluff Trail on Monday. The Swan was preening itself while standing on the riverbank.

Rick Denniston spotted the swan too, this time swimming in the river.

I have never had a sighting before of a Tundra Swan in the Gualala River. We always hope to see these beautiful white swans in the winter when they migrate down to the Garcia River floodplain.

Here is a collage Anne Mary Schaefer took of two Tundra Swans flying by. Just look at those long necks!

And here is a photo Martin Steinpress took on 12/31/15 of three adult Tundra Swans swimming with Mallards in a creek north of Point Arena.

I hope we see more of these swans in the months to come. So far the juvenile swan seems happy to be at the Gualala River. Being at the Gualala River makes me happy too!

Thanks to Bob, Rick, Anne Mary and Martin for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Weather report! We had .66 inches of rain overnight at our house. The air is clear and smells so sweet, just the way we like it. Thank you, Mother Nature, for the healing rains.

Location, location, location...the mantra for valuable real estate. Ospreys love to nest on the Mendonoma coast, as there are rivers and the vast Pacific Ocean. Dinner is only a successful dive away. Rick Denniston recently photographed an Osprey with a fish in its talons.

The chick in the nest that I watch is really getting big and beginning to exercise his/her wings. The parents are beginning to leave the chick alone in the nest now and then, but the father always brings a fish to the mother and chick in the early morning hours.

Here is a close-up of an Osprey taken by Jim O'Brien.

Ospreys migrate far south in the early part of autumn, but while they are here, we very much enjoy watching and hearing them.

Thanks to Rick and Jim for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Rick and Teresa Denniston spotted this 3+ year old Bald Eagle perched on a tall snag below their Gualala home. Two Common Ravens are seen below the big Eagle.

The Ravens were trying to harass the Bald Eagle. You can watch a short video of this at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1WXjv1on3w&feature=youtu.be

The Bald Eagle doesn't seem too concerned about the Ravens. What strikes me is how  much bigger the Eagle is than the Ravens. This Bald Eagle will soon be growing out white feathers on his/her head, denoting that it is an adult.

There have been multiple sightings of what we presume is the same Eagle. Chris Beach took this photo late last year.

Thanks to Rick and Teresa, and to Chris, for allowing me to share their photos and video with you here.


Rick and Teresa Denniston hiked the Salal Trail, one of the public access trails on The Sea Ranch. When they reached the beach, they found this big piece of driftwood perched up on a rock against the bluff.

Rick also photographed a group of Harbor Seals hauled out on the sandbar of the Gualala River last Saturday. He took these photos from his home overlooking the river.  In the first photo the seals are at the bottom right. The following photo is a closeup.

The Dennistons rent out their beautiful home, which is called Serendipity - here is the link. http://rentals.coastinghome.com/rns/property/Serendipit.aspx

Thanks to Rick for allowing me to share his photos with you here. More storms are lined up to hit the coast, beginning tonight. Batten down the hatches!