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Loren Adrian wrote, "Here are a couple of shots from Big River right after the big heat wave. There was a family of [River] Otters on the lower end of the river, a mother and her four offspring. My wife and I paddled up the river about two hours, then returned after we came across a log jam. It was a nice day on Big River.”

If you haven’t explored the trails at Big River, you are in for a treat. The Mendocino Land Trust acquired over 7000 acres in 2002. There is a ten-mile trail, formerly a haul road, that connects Big River Beach to Mendocino Woodlands State Park. You can hike or bike there, with the river flowing gently by your side. It is now part of California State Parks.

To learn more about the Big River Trail, here is the link to the Mendocino Land Trust: https://www.mendocinolandtrust.org/trails/central-coastal-trails/big-river-trail/

Thanks to Loren for allowing me to share his photos with you here.

Beth Kattleman took a recent kayak trip on the Russian River. She had visitors, Harbor Seals, and they sure were curious about her!

harbor-seals-looking-at-me-by-beth-kattlemanBeth's photo reminds me of a photo of Craig Tooley's that we included in our book, Mendonoma Sightings Throughout the Year. He and Rita Peck were ocean kayaking off of The Sea Ranch when these CA Sea Lions checked them out.

sea-lions-seen-from-a-kayak-june-by-craig-tooleyYou can almost hear them talking - hey, what's happening? Seen any tasty fish? Can you come and swim with us?

A little fancifulness for you today as we try and recover from the election.

Thanks to Beth and Craig for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see much more of Craig's nature photography, here is his website: www.ruffimage.com

Gualala Point Regional Park has so many wonderful aspects to it. It's one of my favorite parks to walk with Rick and our golden retriever, Sunny, which is what we did today. With the King Tides, the ocean was roiled up and big breakers crashed against bluffs and the sandy beach.

Wendy Bailey walked there recently and she was taken by the autumn grasses, which she entitled amber waves of grain.

Amber waves of grain - Gualala Point Regional Park by Wendy Bailey

The Gualala River lagoon has filled up in recent days. At high tide the ocean is spilling over the sandbar that has the river closed. And we've had several small rain events. It's quite kayak-able right now and this weekend could be the perfect time to get in a trip on the river.

Thanks to Wendy for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

Jason Aguirre recently kayaked the Gualala River. The tide was coming over the sandbar that has the river closed to the ocean. Jason said it made for an exciting time.

Kayaking on the Gualala River by Jason Aguirre

The wind has evaporated some of the water in the river but it is still fun to kayak it. Today we are having clear, warm weather - perfect for a jaunt on the river.

Thanks to Jason for allowing me to share his photo with you here.

Earth Day saw the last of a  recent series of small storms. The last one brought another beautiful rainbow, as vibrant as can be. Peggy Berryhill got this photo from Gualala Point Regional Park.

Beautiful Rainbow on Earth Day by Peggy Berryhill

This  view spot is on the way into the park. It is a favorite of many of us for taking photos of the Gualala River and the Pacific Ocean. How fortunate for us that Peggy was there at the exact moment this rainbow appeared.

The Gualala River closed Sunday night and has since filled up. I will share some photos of that soon. It's a perfect time to go kayaking on the river.

Now we are having a heat wave. With no wind the ocean looks like a lake. Locals went diving for abalone today and tomorrow looks ideal too.

Thanks to Peggy for allowing me to share her photo with you here.