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Pacific Wrens are hard to photograph, at least for me! They used to be called Winter Wrens, but their name was changed a few years ago. This little bird with the upright tail was foraging near a small pond in our creek. Our neighbor, Karen Tracy, pointed this bird out to me. Thanks, Karen!

Also seen was another inconspicuous bird, a Brown Creeper.

In the bottom photo, the Creeper caught a bug!

We are having a warm day here on the Mendonoma coast today. With the clear horizon last night, Rick and I saw a small green flash at sunset, bringing feelings of gratitude and happiness.

Karen Tracy found the delicate-looking Milkmaids, Cardamine californica, blooming.

It is one of our earliest blooming wildflowers. Rick and I are seeing them begin to flower in our forest alongside the creek.

We are having wild, cold weather. Rain followed by sunshine that then turns to rain seems to be the order of the day. Some call it zany weather!

Thanks to Karen for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

That's what Michael Alexander dubbed it - a heavenly sunset.

Heavenly sunset by Michael Alexander

Michael was trying to capture a green flash, but had to settle for a heavenly sunset instead!

Karen Tracy photographed her version of a heavenly sunset several years ago.

Heavenly sunset by Karen Tracy

We are unlikely to see the sunset tonight as a gentle storm has settled over the coast.

Thanks to Michael and Karen for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Sierran Treefrogs, tiny green frogs, are fun to spot. Karen Tracy found one alongside the Gualala River recently.

Sierren Treefrog on the banks of the Gualala River by Karen Tracy

These frogs can change color to match their surroundings, but mostly we see them in their green form. They used to be called Pacific Treefrogs, but their name was changed recently.

Thanks to Karen for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

Pine White Butterflies have appeared. Karen Tracy recently photographed one near her home.

Pine White Butterfly by Karen Tracy
I took the next photo of one of these butterflies feeding on a blooming succulent in my garden.
Pine White Butterfly by Jeanne (Medium)
And Drew Fagan photographed one feeding on lavender.
Pine White Butterfly on Lavender Blossoms by Drew Fagan

These butterflies lay their eggs in the bark crevices of Bishop Pine trees. when they hatch and flit around they are quite lovely to see.

Thanks to Karen and Drew for allowing me to share their photos with you here.