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Marie De Santis noticed one of the Gray Fox kits at her place was quite a bit smaller than the others. She was worried about this fox, but she says he/she seems to be thriving.

Ellen Loring also has a Gray Fox family in her yard, underneath her hot tub. Here is one of the kits looking through her door - you can see another kit in the background.

Kits are curious and will come inside, as Marie has discovered. One of my favorite stories is about a kit who came in a small opening in a sliding glass door. The little fox grabbed a cube of butter and tried to make an escape, but the stick of butter wouldn't fit through the door! Oh, I would have loved a photo of that.

Thanks to Marie and Ellen for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

It is beautiful on the coast today - sunny and warm.


Yet another lucky coast resident had a den near her home, this time Marie De Santis. Her favorite photo of the bunch is this one of one of the kits nuzzling mom.

Marie got several other great photos of the cute kits.

The kits are getting bigger, and the family will most likely move on. But until then, Marie will surely enjoy her nature viewing!

Thanks to Marie for allowing me to share her photos with you here.

The young of our resident Gray Foxes are awfully cute. Once in a while they will make a den under a deck or wood shack. That's what happened for Michael Tilles at his place on The Sea Ranch. There are four kits in Michael's photo.

Then Janice O'Conner let me know she had a family of SIX kits at her place in Gualala. That's a large family, for sure.

  Gray Foxes live on the Mendonoma Coast year round. Thanks to Michael and Jan for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Pat Killen found a family of Gray Fox kits exploring a neighbor's property. The mother climbed up on what looks like a hot tub enclosure while two of her little kits tried to reach her. One successfully climbed up as you will see in the second photo.

Gray Fox mother with her kits by Pat Killen (Large) A Gray Fox kit nuzzles its mom by Pat Killen (Large) Four Gray Fox kits explore a float by Pat Killen (Large)

The last photo shows the four kits exploring a float. Gray Foxes are year round residents of the Mendonoma Coast.

Thanks to Pat for allowing me to share his photos with you here.

Cathleen Crosby has a family of Gray Foxes near her home in Gualala. What fun she will have in the days to come, watching three Fox Kits growing up. They are very playful with each other and the Fox parents are quite devoted to their welfare.

Two Fox Kits by Cathleen Crosby A Fox Kit by Cathleen Crosby

It will be wonderful to see more photos of these cute kits in the days to come. Here is a favorite photo of a Gray Fox mother, perhaps exhausted from nursing. She's relaxing in a birdbath. This photo was taken by Lynda Opperman.

A relaxed Gray Fox mom in birdbath by Lynda Opperman

Thanks to Cathleen and Lynda for allowing me to share their photos with you here.