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Frank Coster had his tripod and camera set up on one of the pullouts off Highway One, just above Jenner. That is where two Bald Eagles have been seen in recent years. They often fish for Pacific Lampreys, a fish that is thin and long, up to three feet long. Frank saw the Bald Eagle fly towards a Sea Lion, which had a Lamprey in its mouth.

The brash eagle then dove towards the Sea Lion, his talons extended and ready to grab his meal.

Here the Bald Eagle steals the Lamprey from the Sea Lion.

And then Bald Eagle flies off with his spoils.

The disappointed Sea Lion then dives, perhaps looking for a meal he or she can keep.

What a great series of photos! I thank Frank for allowing me to share them here with you. Frank also collaborated with me for a feature about Bald Eagles in yesterday's Press Democrat. You can read my article and see some of Frank's other wonderful Bald Eagle photos at this link: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/lifestyle/7855159-181/bald-eagles-making-a-comeback

And you can view other dramatic photos taken by Frank at this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ynegrwr/