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I shared with you last week a photo Jon Shiu took of a Black Bear eating huckleberries in Elk. Here is the other photo Jon took.

Gosh, that is a big bear! And this bear sure loves huckleberries. Jon watched as he/she took a branch laden with berries, and ran the branch through his/her mouth That's efficient picking! Here is the link to the prior post in case you missed it: http://www.mendonomasightings.com/2017/09/10/a-black-bear-was-seen-eating-huckleberries-in-elk/

Thanks to Jon for allowing me to share his photo with you here. And here's to learning to live with the wildlife that was here before us.

Spectacular day on the Mendonoma coast today!

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Jon Shiu saw a Black Bear taking a branch loaded with huckleberries and running the branch through his mouth. That's an efficient way to eat these ripe wild blueberries.

The bear looks pretty happy in that big huckleberry patch! Jon got another photo of the big bear which is in this week's Independent Coast Observer. You will be able to see this other photo on the ICO's website at www.mendonoma.com.

Thanks to Jon for allowing me to share this great photo with you here.


Anne Mary Schaefer knows a beautiful setting when she sees one. She recently photographed the sea stacks off of Elk, one of the most photographed spots on the coast. I always marvel at this sight when driving by.

Anne Mary has a talent for capturing the magic light. and I thank her for allowing me to share this photo with you here. Anne Mary is also a talented pet photographer. Here is her website: http://www.pawpawrazzipetphotography.com/

It is hot, hot, hot here on the coast today. Someone must have left the heater on! We are not used to such hot weather here, where the Pacific Ocean usually has a cooling effect. As I post this at 1 pm, it is 96 degrees at our place in Anchor Bay. 96 is the highest it has been since we moved here over 21 years ago. We are obviously going to break that not-so-fun record. Bring back our fog!!!


Every winter for the past 17 years a wayward Laysan Albatross has over-wintered in the waters off the Point Arena Pier. Birders from all over the world come to the tiny city in hope of adding this bird to their life list. This year Al hasn't spent much time in the cove and we're not sure why. He, or she - we don't really know, is always absent when it is stormy, and today is very stormy here on the Mendonoma Coast!

Al has an affinity for surfers, often paddling over to "talk." Ken Holmes caught a photo of Al and a surfer and he's kindly allowed me to share it with you here.

There have been reports from fishermen that Al has been seen further north and several miles out. People in the Irish Beach/Elk areas should be on the look-out for this famous bird.

We know he/she is not a breeder as winter is when these large birds give birth. Ron LeValley was on Sand Island in the Midway Atoll, Hawaii on Feb. 7th. He photographed this Laysan Albatross mother as her egg hatched and has allowed me to share it with you here. So wonderful!

To see more of Ron's nature photography, here is his web site: http://www.levalleyphoto.com/home/
Last year Al left on March 28th so we know he'll be leaving us soon, hopefully to return again in late November or early December.

Ferruginous Hawks are migrating into the Mendonoma Coast where they will overwinter. They are our largest hawk. One of the best places to see hawks hunting is between Manchester and Elk in Mendocino County. Steve Wilcox enjoys "hunting" hawks with his camera. I thank him for allowing me to share his beautiful photo with you here.

The favorite food of Ferruginous Hawks is Rabbits and Ground Squirrels. If you'd like to hear their piercing call, here's a link to Cornell Lab of Ornithology: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/ferruginous_hawk/sounds