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Laura Yale wrote, “We spotted three Gray Fox kits on the ninth hole at TSR Golf Course. We have watched them play and grow up these last weeks. It’s so much fun that it’s hard to concentrate on the golf!”

Adrian Bennett had a Gray Fox family in her yard at TRS. She wrote, “I have had the most fabulous five weeks with the fox family. Jeff Heenan and his crew recently built us a new deck. The fox family has made my deck their playground, running and chasing each other around planters, in and out of them, on top and bottom of furniture, terrorizing my outdoor pillows, and giving me endless house of laughter.”

The photo Adrian sent shows the Gray Fox kits at about two and a half weeks old.

Gray Fox kits have to be some of the cutest babies on the Mendonoma coast! Thanks to Laura and Adrian for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Kathy Bishop photographed a family of three Gray Fox Kits recently. In this photo it looks as if the young fox is smiling.

And below is another one of the kits, looking as if it just heard or saw something of interest.

Gray Foxes are year round residents of the Mendonoma Coast. They are great rodent hunters and especially love Gophers.

Thanks to Kathy for allowing me to share her photos with you here.

Lynda Opperman and Howard Curtis had fortune smile on them when a Gray Fox couple decided to raise a family under their deck on The Sea Ranch.

The mother Fox had just finished nursing so I entitled this first photo, "Dinner's over - let's play!"

 You won't believe what the mother Gray Fox did - she climbed up into Lynda's birdbath and  took a nice long soak. It probably felt good after nursing six kits.

You can see several other photos in this series on the Independent Coast Observer's web site at: www.mendonoma.com Click on On-Line Features and then Mendonoma Sightings.

Thanks to Lynda for allowing me to share her photos with you.