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Also called Leopard Lilies, California Tiger Lilies are gracing us with their presence. Lilium pardalinum is their Latin name. They are native to California and southern Oregon. They grow near water, loving boggy conditions.

Here a Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly is feeding on a Tiger Lily. I saw one of these butterflies today, flitting through my garden.

In my original post I identified this butterfly as an Anise Swallowtail. Ron LeValley kindly gave me the correct identification and sent this link, which shows both butterflies, side-by-side: http://levalleyphoto.com/gallery/viewphoto.php?id=37  Thanks, Ron!


The rare and endangered Coast Lily, Lilium maritimum, has begun blooming on the Coast. It is native to California and in fact is found no where else in the world. It is found only on the North Coast and especially in Mendocino County.

These lilies grow on long, slender stalks and their bloom is quite short. They need moisture, growing in boggy conditions. These are blooming now on a neighboring property in Anchor Bay, next to a spring box. They are growing among huckleberry bushes.

I collected seeds from these plants last year and scattered them alongside Quinliven Creek, which crosses our land. I see at least one plant came up this year - no flower but I'm thrilled to successfully encourage one to grow down by the creek. Perhaps more will join it next year.