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This Bobcat was taking a break from hunting for gophers when Rachel Turner spotted it in front of her house. The cat with the "bobbed" tail and tufted ears appears to be looking right at Rachel.

Bobcats are year round residents of the coast. They are often seen in the daylight hours, especially early mornings. They hunt for many different animals, but here they seem to eat a lot of gophers.

Thanks to Rachel for allowing me to share her photo with you here.

Drew Fagan noticed this Bobcat hunting, and he took four photos showing the hunt and the hunt's result - a Gopher, which seems to be Bobcats favorite meal on the coast.

Drew took one of my all-time favorite Bobcat photos. In fact he allowed me to share it in my book, Mendonoma Sightings Throughout the Year. Drew caught a Bobcat mid-leap, an amazing photo.

Thanks to Drew for allowing me to share his photos with you here. To see Drew's artwork at Drew Fagan Fine Art, here is his website: http://drewfagan.com/

Clay Yale noticed this Bobcat staking out an area of Clay's  yard. Bobcats hunt rodents, and they seem to especially enjoy Gophers. When I look at Clay's photo, though, I wonder it this Bobcat is enjoying some sun.

bobcat-by-clay-yaleOne of my favorite photos of a Bobcat pouncing was taken by Drew Fagan. This photo of Drew's appears in my book, Mendonoma Sightings Throughout the Year. I call it a "once in a lifetime" photo. Drew was working in his studio - he's a renowned artist - when he saw the Bobcat. When Drew trained his camera on the Bobcat, the Bobcat pounced.

bobcat-leaping-by-drew-fagan-mediumThanks to Clay and Drew for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see Drew Fagan's artwork, here is his website: http://drewfagan.com/

This Bobcat was on the trail of a tasty rodent. David McFarland took a series of four photos. The Bobcat is hunting, then pouncing, then stretching out in the air - something I haven't seen before - and then the Bobcat misses.

bobcat-hunting-by-david-mcfarlandbobcat-pouncing-by-david-mcfarlandbobcat-stretched-out-by-david-mcfarlandbobcat-missed-by-david-mcfarlandThese photos were taken at some distance, but I thought they were interesting and worth sharing.

Here are two of my favorite Bobcat photos. The first was taken by Allen Vinson and shows the intent stare of the cat with the tufted ears. The second is a rare photo of a Bobcat kitten, taken by Mark Simkins.

the-stare-of-a-bobcat-by-allen-vinson bobcat-kitten-exploring-by-mark-simkinsThanks to David, Allen and Mark for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

This Bobcat was very well camouflaged in the tall grasses but Peter Cracknell still noticed it.camouflaged-bobcat-by-peter-cracknell camouflaged-bobcat-2-by-peter-cracknell In the second photo, the Bobcat has its eyes nearly closed. The sun must feel good!

It's much cooler on the coast today. Fog is hugging the immediate coastline, bringing a welcome coolness after the heat wave.

Thanks to Peter for allowing me to share his photo with you here.