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Anne Mary Schaefer captured a small green flash while at Manchester Beach a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful sunset too.

I love how the colors are reflected in the water glistening on the sand.

Thanks to Anne Mary for allowing me to share her photo with you here. Anne Mary is also a talented pet photographer. You can see her work at this link: http://www.pawpawrazzipetphotography.com/

It's very rare indeed to see a Tundra Swan in early autumn, but one arrived last Monday and has been seen at the Gualala River since then. Mel Smith reported he saw the swan today, paddling in the river.

Bob Rutemoeller was the first to spot the Tundra Swan while he was volunteering at the Gualala Bluff Trail on Monday. The Swan was preening itself while standing on the riverbank.

Rick Denniston spotted the swan too, this time swimming in the river.

I have never had a sighting before of a Tundra Swan in the Gualala River. We always hope to see these beautiful white swans in the winter when they migrate down to the Garcia River floodplain.

Here is a collage Anne Mary Schaefer took of two Tundra Swans flying by. Just look at those long necks!

And here is a photo Martin Steinpress took on 12/31/15 of three adult Tundra Swans swimming with Mallards in a creek north of Point Arena.

I hope we see more of these swans in the months to come. So far the juvenile swan seems happy to be at the Gualala River. Being at the Gualala River makes me happy too!

Thanks to Bob, Rick, Anne Mary and Martin for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

Weather report! We had .66 inches of rain overnight at our house. The air is clear and smells so sweet, just the way we like it. Thank you, Mother Nature, for the healing rains.


We had clouds from a tropical disturbance, and we had smoky skies from fires from elsewhere, and we had high temperatures from the heat wave that occurred over the holiday weekend. Anne Mary Schaefer made lemonade when she photographed a beautiful, albeit a little eerie, sunset on September 2nd.

It's not often we see a magenta-colored sun! But it does make for some dramatic photos. Look how the light reflects in the Pacific Ocean - beautiful!

The smoke is gone, the heat wave is over, and it feels more like it should for this time of year. We all look forward to autumn, a wonderful time to be on the Mendonoma coast.

Thanks to Anne Mary for allowing me to share her photos with you here. Here is Anne Mary's website: http://www.pawpawrazzipetphotography.com/


Anne Mary Schaefer knows a beautiful setting when she sees one. She recently photographed the sea stacks off of Elk, one of the most photographed spots on the coast. I always marvel at this sight when driving by.

Anne Mary has a talent for capturing the magic light. and I thank her for allowing me to share this photo with you here. Anne Mary is also a talented pet photographer. Here is her website: http://www.pawpawrazzipetphotography.com/

It is hot, hot, hot here on the coast today. Someone must have left the heater on! We are not used to such hot weather here, where the Pacific Ocean usually has a cooling effect. As I post this at 1 pm, it is 96 degrees at our place in Anchor Bay. 96 is the highest it has been since we moved here over 21 years ago. We are obviously going to break that not-so-fun record. Bring back our fog!!!

The light can be magical here on the coast. Anne Mary Schaefer captured this beautiful moment in time at Manchester State Park with wildflowers and grasses kissed by the sun.

Anne Mary's photo looks like a painting, don't you think?

Thanks to Anne Mary for allowing me to share her photo with you here. To see her pet photography, here is her website: http://www.pawpawrazzipetphotography.com/