A Gray Whale stopped to take a look around.

Teresa Denniston was watching for Gray Whales recently. Their southward migration is in full swing. Teresa saw this Gray Whale spyhopping, a thrilling sight.

Here is a photo her husband, Rick, took from their home overlooking the Gualala River and the Pacific Ocean of another Gray Whale spyhopping.

I saw a spyhopping Gray Whale once, off of Biehler Point on The Sea Ranch. The whale was so quiet, took a quick look, and then just as quietly sank back down into the water. I almost doubted what I saw!

Thanks to Teresa and Rick for allowing me to share their photos with  you here. Their home is called Serendipity and is available as a short-term rental. You can see it at this link: http://rentals.coastinghome.com/rns/property/Serendipit.aspx

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