The beginning of the mushroom season!

One of the first mushrooms of the autumn I enjoy spotting is the colorful Dyer's Polypore. Rick and I found two growing along our seasonal creek. The one on the left is growing in a small huckleberry bush.

These are inedible mushrooms. Their job in nature is to help decompose dead wood. That said, we found it growing on the roots of a big, healthy Douglas Fir. Perhaps there is a dead root they are working on.

Dyer's of yarn prize these mushrooms as they impart a yellow color when young, like these. As the mushrooms age, they give a deep brown color.

We did find some Oyster Mushrooms on a downed Tan-Oak. Oysters, edible mushrooms, grow on dead hardwoods.

We will be looking for the first Boletus edulis to arrive. Soon, me thinks!