Huckleberries – wild blueberries – are ripening early this year.

I love huckleberries. I call them Mother Nature's antioxidant pills. Usually they begin to ripen in August and continue ripening in the months to come. In other words, some of the berries are ripe now while others on the same stem are still green. It's wonderful that huckleberries have such a long season. Now is the time to go out and find the first ripe ones. They are often the biggest and the sweetest.

I went huckleberry picking yesterday and here is my haul. It does take time and a certain degree of patience to pick them. But I enjoy wandering to each bush and finding out if they have big ones. Today Rick went out with me and we got even more. Yay!

The smaller huckleberries we leave for wildlife. We two-legged creatures aren't the only ones who covet these wonderful berries. We had some of these berries in our sourdough pancakes this morning. After I clean them, removing any stems, I can then freeze them in a freezer bag. This way we will have huckleberries all during the year. The gift that keeps on giving!