The smallest Gray Fox kit – yes, he’s called a runt.

Marie De Santis noticed one of the Gray Fox kits at her place was quite a bit smaller than the others. She was worried about this fox, but she says he/she seems to be thriving.

Ellen Loring also has a Gray Fox family in her yard, underneath her hot tub. Here is one of the kits looking through her door - you can see another kit in the background.

Kits are curious and will come inside, as Marie has discovered. One of my favorite stories is about a kit who came in a small opening in a sliding glass door. The little fox grabbed a cube of butter and tried to make an escape, but the stick of butter wouldn't fit through the door! Oh, I would have loved a photo of that.

Thanks to Marie and Ellen for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

It is beautiful on the coast today - sunny and warm.