Nothing new under the sea? That couldn’t be more untrue!

NOAA conducted a deep sea corals cruise in 2015. They found a new coral species.

It was named Swiftia faralloneseca, a gorgonian. It was found at "The Football," an oval-shaped area north of Bodega Canyon and west of Salmon Creek.

NOAA, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, studies our oceans, among many other things. NOAA's National Weather Service monitors storms, droughts, and all things to do with the atmosphere. At NOAA, science matters.

Every now and then we see The Fulmar, their research vessel off our coast. Here's a look at the Fulmar, photo by Jamie Hall.

Thanks to NOAA's Mary Jane Schramm and Jamie Hall for allowing me to share these photos with you here. To learn much more about NOAA, here is their website:

2 thoughts on “Nothing new under the sea? That couldn’t be more untrue!

  1. Wow! A new coral species that lives so far north? That's one cool discovery!
    And thanks for sharing the pics of NOAA's ship, The Fulmar.. now, I'll be on the lookout for it offshore. Thanks for another great column Jeanne.

  2. Jeanne Jackson

    Post author

    Thanks, Anne Mary! It's fun to share and I am happy the fine folks at NOAA told me about it.

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